BE MIS is a school-wide campaign aimed at making soft skills and traits part of the culture at MIS. Some of these skills and traits include, being caring, respectful, responsible, intentional, and trustworthy. These characteristics are not part of teaching standards and they are not on state tests. But we feel these skills and traits are extremely important for students to possess so they can achieve success in school and in the future.

Students will have the opportunity to partake in contests and earn rewards as part of the BE MIS campaign. In order to introduce this to the students, we held a convocation in which teachers acted out scenarios showing students how they could demonstrate these traits. Each grade level had a representative group of students that would try to correctly guess the proper trait for each scenario. The 5th grade class won, so their prize was making human ice cream sundaes out of Mr. Hobbs, Mr. Eichenauer, and Mr. Marlatt.