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Disney World Trip

Students in Chemistry I, Chemistry II, and/or Physics are eligible to partake in the
Disney YES Program (Youth Education Series).

The organized programs include, Energy & Waves and Properties of Motion, totaling 6 hours at the Magic Kingdom. We will also spend time at Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT, the three other Disney theme parks. This makes for a very busy time, so to ensure that we get the most out of the trip, here is how various situations will be handled:

  • There will be a curfew at night. We will be in the parks all day so a good night’s rest is essential for getting the most out of our stay at Disney. Curfew means each student is to be in his/her room and quiet.
  • Females are NEVER to be in any of the male rooms and vice versa.
  • If you are caught out of your room after curfew, you will be written up and discipline will occur when we return. I will not let anyone ruin this trip for the rest.
  • We will stay as a group the entire time we are in the parks. This is more efficient and I know what attractions are most interesting.

Program Leader: Jim Myer