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eLearning Info

Manchester Community Schools has approved the use of eLearning days to provide students with a blended learning experience aligned with timely and critical classroom content.

Manchester Community Schools will be following a “day of” eLearning format for the 2021-2022 school year. The answers to several frequently asked questions (FAQs) below will explain the process. Please contact your school office if you have further questions or concerns.

Parent FAQs

What is eLearning?

eLearning is a way to continue learning despite inclement weather or a planned professional development day. eLearning offers students a blended learning experience aligned with critical classroom content. An eLearning day counts as a full school day and thus eliminates the need to tack on an extra day at the end of the school year.

How long will students have to submit work?

3 school days from the day that was missed. Due dates may be adjusted for unusual/special circumstances.

How will lessons be pushed out to students?

Google Classroom

I don’t have the Internet at home, how will I access and complete my lessons?

We understand that not all families have Internet access in their homes. Our first priority is your safety, please understand that we are not expecting anyone to venture out during inclement weather in order to access the Internet. There will be opportunities for students to gain online access after school during the assignment completion window. Additionally, there are several free access points within our community, including all MCS parking lots, the public library, the community pool, and several local restaurants. The public library has portable hot spots for check out. Although admittedly not ideal, a cell phone could be used to access most lessons. It is also possible to use Chromebooks in an offline mode. (Instructions for using Chromebooks in offline mode for eLearning)

What is the time frame for teachers to post assignments?

    • If the cancellation was announced prior to the morning of an eLearning day or before 7:00AM the morning of an eLearning day - assignments posted by 9:00AM
    • If school is canceled after a two-hour delay - assignments posted by 10:00AM
    • If school is canceled after a three-hour delay - assignments posted by 11:00AM

Will lunch be served on an eLearning day?

No. For safety reasons, if MCS closes due to inclement weather, we will not serve lunch.

How much work should I expect my student to receive?

MCS teachers and administrators will work to ensure the workload and expectations are relevant and reasonable.

How will attendance be taken?

In order to be counted “present” during an eLearning day, students must complete and submit assigned work. Individual teachers will communicate his/her expectations regarding the specifics of assignment completion.

Will teachers be available to answer questions about assignments?

An eLearning day is a day of work for teachers. Within reason, a teacher should be available from the time assignments are posted through the end of a normal school day.

Does a student have to do the work on the designated eLearning day?

The switch to “day of” eLearning gives students the chance to work on assignments while at home during inclement weather. We understand, that for various reasons, not all students will be able to complete assignments on that day. In order to accommodate those situations, students will have up to 3 school days to complete assignments. MCS will refer to this as the assignment completion window. Assignments are due the day after the assignment completion window closes.

If I am a parent or guardian of a K-3 student, will I need to help them?

This may depend on the grade level/assignment. Teachers will model lesson content and expectations through direct instruction (digital or written directions). In most cases, the amount of help a parent would need to provide would be similar to the amount of help provided on any other assignment a child might bring home. Students may need help accessing online content if the family chooses to complete the assignment electronically.

Why are we doing an eLearning Day? As a parent, I would rather add an extra day to the end of the year.

The eLearning format allows MCS to provide instruction during critical learning times and maintain the momentum established in the classroom. eLearning utilizes technology to create blended learning opportunities that will expose our students to avenues of learning beyond the traditional classroom.

What if I am out of town or ill during the eLearning window?

As with any absence, we will follow the student handbook guidelines for making up work.

What about Heartland students?

MCS students can never go to HCC if MCS delays or closes due to inclement weather even if HCC is open.

Who should I contact if I have questions about eLearning?

Please contact your building principal.