Spanish Classroom Rules

Mrs. Brubaker’s Classroom Rules and Expectations

Spanish 1 2011-2012

Be responsible and respectful to everyone, their ideas,

and the content of this course.

Rules: The MJSHS student handbook policies as well as the following will be followed in this class

1.     Be in your seat when the bell rings and begin the “DO NOW” assignment on the board.


2.     If you have been absent, visit the homework center and copy down the agenda for the days you missed. Any papers collected while you were absent can be turned in there and any papers returned while you were absent can be picked up as well. if you have missed a quiz or test come see me to make it up. It is your responsibility to make up any missed work.


3.     During class PAY ATTENTION. Do not work on other homework or write notes.


4.     NO CELL PHONES OR ELECTRONIC DEVICES, this includes iPods.


5.     Respect other people’s property and be polite, kind, and courteous to everyone.


6.     Be respectful to all speakers (teachers, students, and guests).


7.     Be respectful of the Spanish language and any culture we study. Difference does not equal inferiority or superiority, only uniqueness.


8.     All other school rules will apply. See your student handbook for a complete list of school rules and consequences.


Consequences for breaking rules

When a rule is broken once:  Teacher conferences with the student.

When a rule is broken a 2nd time: Detention with me, notice to parent, student writes a note to parent, and completes a translation assignment during detention.

When a rule is broken a 3rd time: Detention with me, parent is informed of previous inappropriate behaviors, and parent conference will be held. If the problem persists student will be removed from the class.



Grading Scale:

Grades will be figured by using a total points earned scale.













Homework- About 25 points per assignment

Test and Quizzes- point values will vary depending on length and type of test or quiz. Most Quizzes will be unannounced

Language practice (extra credit) - daily participation

There will be some opportunities for extra credit throughout the semester.








Late Work/ Tardies/ Absences

Late work: Late work WILL NOT be accepted.

In case of excused absences: You have two extra days to make up work for each excused absence.

In case of unexcused absences: Work due on the day of an unexcused absence receives a grade of zero until it is turned in, and is due upon your return to class.

Tardies: following school procedures students who are tardy are expected to have a signed pass from the attendance office. Students who arrive late without a signed pass from the attendance office will need to go to the office and explain to the secretary why they were tardy and obtain a tardy slip. The rules and consequences for tardies can be found in your student handbook.