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Manchester Community Schools engages students in relevant activities that ensure students will learn to think critically at progressively higher levels.

2011-12 Board/District Goals

Goal #1 – At least 90% of all MCS students will achieve proficiency in the state standards in each content area.  The Board will support and direct resources towards student achievement within MCS.

Goal #2 – All administrators will deliver purposeful communication which will “Tell Our Story” with our school community to showcase MCS as a school district.   This will be done at least once every month.  The Board will assist the administration by establishing a visible presence at school and community events, and by positively promoting MCS within our school community.

Goal #3MCS staff will provide resources to all K-12 students each year to make and review individual career choices regardless of socio-economic and ethnic diversity.  The Board will provide support to MCS staff and administrators.  In addition, the Board will require an accountability of events occurring at all grade levels, and monitor the success of each through board presentations at monthly meetings.


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